Going offline

Incredible Talk by Paul Miller about his year offline.


  • You cannot win. You cannot read everything there is online, nor can you laugh at every joke or watch every Vine.

  • You cannot keep attempting to get all the information (useful or not) from the internet, it’s simply unsustainable and counterproductive.

  • If the content doesn’t feel rewarding in the long run, don’t consume it.

  • Do not let the internet dictate your behaviour. Don’t go out so you can tweet it or Instagram the photos, go out because you want to go out. In other words, do not let the internet take over your life.

  • The internet should be a fraction of your life and not the fake reality that too many people make it up to be with the increasing use of social media.

  • If you start taking control of your usage of the internet, you will have a growing sense of self-accomplishment due to this new found self-control.

  • The internet is taking up your time to think and do things that really matter

  • Being continuously online or distracted by what’s going on on the web, is as if real life isn’t good enough for you

  • Most important things online are what connect you to other people, namely messages, invites and video calls.

The way I see the internet, is as if it’s a  fridge with an endless supply of delicious food.

People who try to eat as much as they can, as quickly as possible will end up being obese, whereas those who handpick what they eat will end up leading a healthy lifestyle.

Which sort of person are you?

Food for thought.